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Dingle Peninsula, Co. Kerry, Ireland


Kasia Derwinska - Dreamlike Landscapes


Good day everyone!

My name is Samuel Marcovich, I am 23 years of age, born in Estonia.

I have always loved photography as an art, but I fully devoted myself to it when I received my first camera as a gift back in 2010, which by the way, I use up to date. To me photography is a philosophy. Throgh photography I can express myself through hidden glimpses from the world surrounding. I consider myself a traveling photographer. I mostly focus on black and white, but you might see some color popping out once in a while.

It is a great desire of mine to develop and grow in photography and that includes your support and your feedback (even negative). I hope you will either love or hate my works. let me know. Thank you!



Arabian Cowry (Mauritia arabica)

…a species of cowry (Cypraeidae) which is widely distributed throughout the Indo-West Pacific, from East and South Africa (excluding the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf) to eastern Polynesia, north to Japan, and south to New South Wales, Australia. Arabian cowries will typically spend most of their time dwelling under stones and in caverns in the outskirts of coral reefs . They are chiefly nocturnal and like other cowries will feed on a range of sessile organic materials 


Animalia-Mollusca-Gastropoda-Caenogastropoda-Hypsogastropoda-Littorinimorpha-Cypraeoidea-Cypraeidae-Mauritia-M. arabica

Images: Was a bee and H. Zell


horses by Valerie Clark

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